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The articles referenced below are our thoughts, opinions, and from time to time, just random musings thrown in to set you thinking. We will probably be regarded as "somewhat opinionated", and we take that as a compliment. After all, unless you were "somewhat opinionated", would you set up your own business, and manufacture products in an industry where musical appreciation, and music itself, is so widely variable?

Click on the topic headings, feel free to comment, lambaste, or totally disagree with our opinions. We do believe, in this industry, we tend to take ourselves TOO seriously. Let's not.

We welcome robust, thought provoking, open discussion.


Article Under Construction:


The Theory behind "The Cleaner".  


Planned Future Articles:


The Loudspeaker Cone: It just may be the most important (and least understood) part of your Audio System.


Audio Cables: Why do they sound different?


If Tin Whistles are made of Tin, what are Fog Horns made of?