Play It By Ear


A sublime Headphone amplifier, "Play It By Ear" utilizes a dual triode Russian built vacuum tube for the input section, and features single ended Class A Mosfet output to drive the headphones. Simple, direct, and clean. Powered by a 19 volt low noise wall socket power unit, this headphone amplifier easily drives difficult loads. It comes supplied with the power unit, a pair of "Little Links" interconnects, and a mini jack to 1/4 inch headphone socket adaptor.

Team "Play It By Ear" with our pre-amplifier, "Control", for effortless musical enjoyment.



  • Load:                                16 ohm – 300 ohm
  • Output Power:                  100mW @ 32 ohm
  • Power Supply:                  19 volt DC LAMBERT Model, supplied
  • Vacuum Tube:                  1 x 12AU7 Twin Triode.
  • Output:                              1 x Single Ended Class A Mosfet per Channel.
  • Product Dimensions:         105mm Wide x 154mm Deep x 10mm High.