The Bottom Line - the foundation of the music......


The "Small Wonder" loudspeaker system is a 2.1 configuration, with a pair of "The Last Word", underscored by "The Bottom Line" sub-woofer. Utilizing a long throw 8 inch bass unit, "The Bottom Line" features a 200 watt Class D ICEpower amplifier; a universal voltage switch-mode power supply; and an electronic low-pass filter.

The enclosure is a sealed box design, for maximum transient response, and frequency response is extended downwards by an equalized filter system, which functions as the antithesis of the sealed box roll off. The result is a controlled, extended, fast, low frequency response that provides the very foundation of the music. 

Specifically and artfully blended to "The Last Word", this is a seamless 2.1 system with a musical bandwidth stretching from extremely low frequencies, to well above hearing limits.

"The Bottom Line is supplied with an AC cable, and a single "Long Link" RCA cable to connect the incoming signal. Of course we recommend you use our 2.1 loudspeaker system with our "The Force" power amplifier.




  • Mains Input:           Universal Mains, 85 - 270VAC
  • Amplifier Power:    200W @ 0.2% THD+N, @ 4 ohm
  • Dynamic Range:    110dBA (200W @ 4 ohm)
  • THD+N:                  Better than .006% @ 1W, 1kHz
  • Efficiency:               Better than 89% @ 200W, 4 ohm
  • Features:                Thermal Protection, Over Current Protection, Sound Optimized Soft Clip, Low "pop",
  • Sleep Mode:           Auto signal on/sleep mode
  • Bass Driver:            Proprietary Long throw, high power, 8 inch cast frame woofer.
  • Response:              25Hz - 120Hz
  • Conforms to:           UL 6500 and others, EN55013 and others.