The Last Word - where the sound comes from...


The task of a loudspeaker is simple, yet exceptionally difficult: It must faithfully turn the electrical signal presented to it, into an acoustical analog of what the microphone originally "saw" during the recording session. A direct copy. Without losing anything. Without adding it's own resonant ringing. Without adding it's own "version" of the event. "The Last Word's" loudspeaker drivers were designed to least impact the music, and produce a sound field as close to the original as possible.

Each cabinet features arguably the finest form of high frequency reproduction - a pure ribbon. A tweeter that doesn't "announce" itself with it's own resonant signature. It just plays. It is mounted between two identical 3 inch bass/mid units, which feature very specialized treatments. The Loudspeaker cones are a coated paper material, with the addition of Lambert's original CARMA technology. This Concentric and Radial Mode Attenuation technique, developed by Lambert in the early 1990's, reduces the major problem inherent in ALL loudspeaker cones - resonance based flexure. This causes ringing and time related distortion. Removing this issue leads to a simpler, and less lossy crossover network, resulting in enormous midrange detail.  Instead of robbing your system of this vital acoustic clue to the SPACE around each instrument, "The Last Word" renders all your music with true fidelity.
The enclosure is extruded from solid aluminium, and each end is capped in an extremely rigid piece of the same material. But that wasn't enough for us. The enclosure walls are mass loaded with an attached metal and foam barrier, with an acoustic foam surface. Internal reflections are further absorbed with a wool-like filling material, to minimize cabinet standing waves.
"The Last Word" is only sold as a matched pair, and only with "The Bottom Line", it's companion sub-woofer, to which it is carefully blended, to provide a seamless transition from very low frequencies to an astonishing 35kHz with a level of involvement that will bring endless enjoyment to all who listen.


  • Response:                    120Hz - 35kHz
  • Impedance:                  4 ohm.
  • Mid/Bass Drivers:         2 x Proprietary 3 inch units, with proprietary CARMA cone Technology. 
  • Tweeter:                       Fountek derived proprietary Pure Ribbon.
  • Product Dimensions:    105mm Wide x 130mm Deep x 260mm High