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The Absolute Sound: Robert Greene's comments from THE Show, Newport, 2015.

10th June 2015


"Lambert “Small Wonder” Loudspeaker

People often go around audio shows with their eyes peeled rather than their ears on the alert or their brains turned full on. People were walking by the Lambert room, which appeared almost empty, so small was the system, without much reaction. But for those who listened, this tiny system, with small midrange drivers above and below a ribbon tweeter in a very narrow cabinet, along with a small powered woofer on the floor, was making unusually natural sound, especially on the human voice. If you want uncolored mids to the max, then you need either really wide enclosures to get the baffle step below the mids (Harbeth M40 models, Sonus Faber Stradivari, Pietra Audio three-way) or really narrow enclosures (and small drivers) to get the baffle step up too high to matter. (Ironically, the current flood of eight-inch-wide floorstanders is about the worst thing.) Here was the second possibility of very narrow enclosures, and they worked superbly. And the ribbon gave refined and beautiful high frequencies. I stopped by several times just to hear something so un-speaker-like. It is a small-signal system compared to Sanders or Wilson. But in its realm, it really is a little wonder. Lambert is one of the old masters, but being from New Zealand has perhaps prevented his name from becoming the household word it deserves to be. But take my word for it: This is a masterpiece. System price: $4500 including amplification".


See Pics from THE Show, Newport 2015.


Video from THE Show, Newport, courtesy of AVShowrooms!



20th January 2015


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20th December 2014


Headphone Guru

1st December 2014


AudioHead at Los Angeles Show.

12th August 2014




“The Lambert Company breathes audiophile magic into lifestyle components."


"Experienced designer - musician Garry Lambert has not only thought "outside the box" but shrunk those boxes, given them valve smoothness, and made teeny boxes that simply sound great.

A main speaker pair features a ribbon tweeter that sweetly sparkles with two mid-woofs that are musically matched to a fast, clean woofer in a 2.1 configuration that sounds like ten times the price in any comparison.

Source components as tiny cubes, with valve output stage, are blue tooth capable. They can be controlled by phones, pads etc. for maximum flexibility and library accessing. Audiophile performance in easily operated and hidden tidy packages that provide maximum quality sound with a minimum of fuss.

Personally, I was gob smacked once I got into the sweet spot during a few recent auditions. Those beautifully voiced small speakers do the all right things in terms of clarity, dynamics, and frequency extension. They would do the job perfectly for ear to ear tickling with anybody who listens at sane levels in normal size rooms.

Highly recommended over ANY lifestyle "try-hard, so-so mid-fi" (You know who you are. And, good-bye!)

 A welcome back in excellence from a designer who above all loves music and makes proper gear to bring its' magic to everyone."

John Paul
President (2011-13) Auckland Audiophile Society.